Vision & Mission

Vision of University of Health Sciences, Lahore

Qualitative and Quantitative Revolution in Medical Education and Research through Evolution and thereby improve Health Care delivery to Populace.

Mission of M. Islam Medical & Dental College, Gujranwala

To produce well trained medical professionals who are well versed with the health needs of the community and are equipped to serve the masses with empathy and compassion.


At the end of the MBBS program, the medical graduate should be able to:

  1. i: Exhibit leadership qualities with the ability to work as a team man in hospital settings.
  2. ii: Treat his patients with compassion and empathy keeping high moral and ethical standards.
  3. iii: Demonstrate his competency as a medical practitioner of high professional caliber with the ability to diagnose and effectively manage different diseases.
  4. iv: Communicate and explain the nature of the disease to his patients, addressing their concerns and queries with a humble and polite attitude.
  5. v: Implement evidence based medicine and rational use of drugs in his clinical practice in order to provide best possible care to his patients.
  6. vi: Design and execute research projects and provide home grown solutions to health problems of the community.
  7. vii: Exhibit his passion as a life-long learner with a zeal to acquire new skills and developments in the field of medicine.
  8. viii: Comply with the legal requirements and guidelines formulated by the authorities from time to time.