Welcome to M.Islam Medical & Dental College

We have started M.Islam Medical & Dental College Gujranwala (MIMDC) to give specialized care in private sector. The college has been approved for 100 student’s intake per year from the PMDC.

We continue to evaluate and improve our program to ensure the best medical education for the students. Our educational strategy is to create a conducive learning environment and to steer our students to acquire adequate knowledge, skills and temperament to practice medicine and be a competent health care professional group.

The college campus is spread over an area of 18 acres. Catering to 750 students, the custom made building provides all the necessary spaces required to ensure an ideal learning environment with lecture theaters, laboratories, library, museum, dissection hall, play grounds, gardens, auditorium and cafeteria. Apart from providing audio-visual aid for educational purposes, the building also provides physical and mental aural comfort.


M.Islam Medical & Dental College is a University of Medicine and Dentistry that offers multiple degree programs in the field of medical and life sciences.


The department of Anatomy is the department one encounters when entering through the magnificent front of almamater.


Physiology is the study of how the body works in health and disease at all levels including molecular, genomic, proteomic, ionic, cellular, organ and whole organism.


The Biochemistry Department is dedicated to provide a rich educational environment for the undergraduate medical students, while keeping faculty research at the highest levels of excellence.


A good physician has to be a good pharmacologist. Students gain a thorough knowledge of medications, such as various routes of administration, mechanisms of action.


Forensic medicine & Toxicology is one of the most exciting fields of medicine nowadays. It is related with the fact that doctors are not only responsible of providing cure to the living


The Department of Community Medicine is geared up to prepare the students to become Community-Oriented Physicians and thereby contribute effectively to the HealthCare system of th Pakistan.