Dr. Jehanzaib Islam

Dr. Jehanzaib Islam, a visionary leader, holds pivotal roles as Director within the esteemed Islam Group. His unwavering commitment to excellence drives transformative initiatives across a diverse spectrum of institutions.

As Director of New Life Hospital, Dr. Jehanzaib champions a patient-centered approach, ensuring state-of-the-art healthcare delivery while prioritizing compassionate care.

At Grand Asian University Sialkot, Dr. Jehanzaib’s leadership fosters an environment of academic distinction, shaping forward-thinking education and holistic student development.

Heading Islam Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Jehanzaib spearheads groundbreaking pharmaceutical solutions, driving advancements in healthcare and wellbeing.

Additionally, as Director of M Islam Medical College, Dr. Jehanzaib plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of medical education, nurturing aspiring healthcare professionals into adept and empathetic practitioners.

Dr. Jehanzaib Islam’s visionary leadership, strategic prowess, and dedication to societal advancement exemplify the ethos of the Islam Group, elevating standards and fostering progress across multiple sectors.