The Department of Physiology is one of the basic health sciences departments in M. Islam Medical & Dental College, Gujranwala
The Department, in addition to academic activities, enthusiastically participates in meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. with other basic and clinical departments.
The Department is determined to expand and promote the intellectual abilities of undergraduate students by providing excellent teaching facilities.

The Physiology Laboratory is well equipped & maintained by experienced technical staff working under the supervision of well-qualified faculty and has all the necessary features for assisting practical training of students in the Laboratory.

The department has computer facility and internet access


Department of Physiology is well supported by highly qualified & committed faculty as per PMC requirements. The faculty of the Physiology Department is committed to scientific and educational excellence. It is composed of two Professors & two Assistant Professors. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Ashfaq , faculty members work in an interactive environment that encourages communication and supports collaborations between students and faculty members.

Professor Dr. Shahbaz Ashfaq:(HOD)

Professor Dr. Shahbaz Ashfaq (MBBS, M.Phil.) is the Head of the Department of Physiology. She has 39 years of teaching experience in the subject of Physiology: 22 years for undergraduate students and 17 years for postgraduate students. She has attended various conferences, seminars, and training workshops of Physiology. Her field of interest is Neuroendocrinology. She has seven publications based on her research work.

Prof. Dr. Nusrat Tariq (M.B.B.S; M.Phil., Ph.D. Scholar)

Has experience of teaching the subject of Physiology for over 14 years. She has ten publications to her credit. Presently her doctorate in Physiology is underway. She has also attended many workshops, conferences, and seminars related to the specialty. Neurophysiology and oxidative stress are her major domains of interest.

Dr. Rabea Nasir (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Rabea Nasir (M.B.B.S, M.Phil.) has attended many workshops, conferences, and seminars. Her domain of interest is Endocrinology. There are four publications to her credit.

Dr. Rahma Zahid (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Rahma Zahid (M.B.B.S, M.Phil.) is serving the Department since 2017. Her field of research is cell and tissue culture. She has three Publications.

Research interest: Endocrinology

The department has a sufficient number of tutorial rooms. The laboratory is well-equipped having Power Lab System to cater to the needs of undergraduate & postgraduate students.